A Lot Can Happen In A Month (and a half)

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I didn’t keep up with my habit of writing a lengthy note here with the past few releases – that’s not for lack of interest or caring about them, obviously – but rather just because there was simply too much to make time for that (and when it came down to getting tapes made and press releases out vs. blabbing on here, well, I did what I had to do!) But here we are now, friends, to do a little recap of what’s come but not gone (because music is forever, except for the tapes that sold out, sorry!)

Starting with tape releases, here’s what we’ve been doing.

TRR018 Hey, ILY – Internet Breath (5.21.21 SOLD OUT) – co-release/variant with Lonely Ghost Records
TRR017 The Planes – Eternity On Its Edge (6.11.21 ONE TAPE LEFT)
TRR015 The Laughing Hearts – Fast & Free EP (6.21.21)
TRR019 Sock Jock – WELL (6.25.21 SOLD OUT)
TRR020 J.T. Boogaard – Collected Work 2020 (7.16.21)

Old Man Of The Woods released a fantastic digital maxi-single/EP called Dissolved, which presents the title track from the Dissolve EP along with three superb remixes of the track (including one by label mate SUPERORDER), plus a gorgeous music video.

Ilithios has been busy, releasing the Way Of The Future single/EP (which features an Old Man Of The Woods remix!) and a new cassingle for “Airball” with the Greek artist Logout. Check out the cool music video here.

One of the big projects we’re working on right now is the upcoming NIHILOCEROS EP, Self Destroy. Out September 17 on tape/vinyl/digital, it’s a killer trip thru a post-apocalyptic nightmare (aka our recent/current/future reality) with layers and layers of conceptual and musical adventures. The band just released a fantastic music video for the lead track, “IAMANANIMAL,” directed by Jen Meller and featuring Shadow Monster’s Gillian Visco on vocals and starring in the short film – the video was premiered over at Left Bank Magazine. There’s more coming from the band tied in to the record – namely something spicy and something(s) effecting (sorry for the dad jokes.)

Up next? We’re finally releasing a full length tape by Jane Migraine, which we’ve been talking about for the entire existence of this label. Stay tuned for that very soon, plus announcements about upcoming releases from Astronauto, Old Man of the Woods, and more.

The best ways to stay updated on what the label is up to are always by following us on Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram. If you just want release announcements, our Facebook page, or the mailing list are the best spots for that (and the mailing list usually gets a little heads up before the general public on stuff!), and for the streaming music folks, our Spotify playlist is always updated with a track from each release at the top to make it nice and easy for you to hear the newest stuff. If you just want links with no context to everything brand new along with a convenient archive, this page right here should be perfect for you.

Thank you as always for listening!