East Boston, MA

Currently residing in East Boston, Sashathem is a non-binary hip-hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Appalachia. They care a great deal about restorative justice, accessible education, and harm reduction; and they don’t give a fuck about your zodiac sign. The child of an educator and a writer, Sashathem has an intimate love for words, for symmetry, and for teaching. Their sound is the product of a decade-long daily practice; a hodgepodge of pop-cultural influence, tinged with elements of early funk, queer-pop, and primarily Hip-Hop. 

Taylor Henderson at The Advocate wrote, “There’s something hypnotic about Sashathem, a non-binary self-described “bummer rapper” who’s just stepping into their light.”

Sashathem’s debut record, Glass House, is an introspective journey that documents two years of growth through the understanding and acceptance of their own queer identity. It grapples with loss, locked closet doors, and self-destructive tendencies, with moments of levity and clarity weaving their way into the body of work. The first single of the record, Divine, was met with kind and thoughtful reception. Secret Wine Press wrote, “it’s the soft yellows and pale pinks that glimmer within when you realize you’ve found yourself. It’s a new personal potential, opened for Sasha and seen through their radiant displays of tenderness.”

Some of their recent outreach work has included benefit projects that directly supported Sex Workers Outreach Project, Southern West Virginia Harm Redux, and individual TBIPOC Transition funds. Sashathem’s work has been featured in Advocate Mag, LA Times, Stereofox, Secret Wine Press, among other noteworthy publications.

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  TRR014 Glass House  ltd edition blue/green glitter cassette [3.5.21] 

Sashathem - Glass House
Sashathem – Glass House