The Planes

Brooklyn, NY

The Planes are a three-piece indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Since their founding in 2010 by guitarist/singer Stephen Perry, they’ve earned a reputation for writing catchy indie rock jams, showing up to gigs on time, and taking that last drink ticket off your hands, y’know, if you’re not going to use it anyway and it would just go to waste. Guided by a punk-inspired ethos, an ear for melody, and a never- ending stream of semi-inspired song ideas, they’ve cranked out numerous, mostly DIY, recordings over the last decade.

The lineup of Perry, Carlo Minchillo, and Matt Sklar recorded the band’s first full length record fully recorded in a professional studio, Eternity on Its Edge, in 2020. Though the sound is bigger and more sonically diverse than recordings of the past, Eternity is still a work of minimalism; a lion’s share of the material requires just three instruments and a voice to pull off. Recorded by Jeff Berner at Studio G in Brooklyn, it attempts to capture the zeitgeist of the times with tracks that focus on the isolation of quarantine, the failure of the system, the rebellious spirit of the protests, and a cautious optimism for the future.

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   TRR017 Eternity On Its Edge ltd edition of 20 red cassette [6.11.21] 

The Planes - Eternity On Its Edge
The Planes – Eternity On Its Edge