Groningen, Netherlands

Joep and Niels of WE ARE JOINERS originally played together in their high school punk band “The Unpredictable Sense of Secrecy” doing some bold stuff and a cover of “Nazi punks fuck off.” Joep used an iPad speaker to make a barely-listenable recording of the track “metalmouth” in early 2020, garnering the project’s first review from a KEXP DJ: “Hell Yeah, this is amazing but I can’t play this harsh recording.”
In May, the reunited duo made some bedroom recordings on a broken BOSS BR1180 8-track using only 2 drums, a cheap mic and 1 acoustic guitar, quickly squeezing out 2 digital EP’s they got some good buzz and lots of college radio airplay. Songs from those two EPs appear on the Clients + Carriers limited edition tape, along with two brand new tracks – “Alternators” and “Meet Your Friends.”
The goal of this 2 piece is to resurrect their teenage punk band, but they’ll have to convince their original singer to take time off from her successful flamenco career in Europe first.
Joep & Niels are currently working on Nora, a dark & gloomy/somehow happy indie-punk album about addiction & death.

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TRR009 Clients + Carriers CAS/digital [12/4/20] – “Alternators
TRR027 Hark/WE ARE JOINERS split CAS/CD/digital [1.28.22]
TRR-S-005 “Combat Kid” single [2.4.22]
TRR-S-006 “Liquorice” single [2.18.22]
TRR032 ep4 [5.6.22]
TRR047 NORA EP [12.15.23]