THOSE SHADOWS: remixes + covers of Mount Sharp’s THAT SHADOW

TRR005 is totally real!
Mount Sharp’s debut LP, THAT SHADOW, was released on 2/21/20 by Dadstache Records. While the record was still being mixed back in 2019, the band asked a few friends if they would consider doing remixes of tracks from it. Once some of those started coming in, the pushed their luck and asked more friends if they would record covers of some of the songs. Somehow, they ended up getting all 11 tracks from the original album reimagined in an amazing way. 

Featuring remixes by Travis Harrison (The Unsacred Hearts, Guided By Voices producer), Jesse Rifkin, Beau Alessi (Robot Princess), SUPERORDER, and Maia Macdonald (Mitten, Kid In The Attic, Mirah), along with covers done by Ana Becker (Catty, Fruit & Flowers), Beat Radio, Weekend Lovers, Highwayyys, and Jane Migraine.

For the first month of release, all sales from this project were donated to The Okra Project.