Pharmakos on CVLT Nation and Bands Do BK

In celebration of the release of Destroy The System, the gripping 4th album by Brooklyn artist Pharmakos, we’ve got two fantastic features out now.

CVLT Nation has a full track-by-track breakdown by the artist (Cole Garner Hill), detailing the process and intent behind every move on the wild sonic ride that is Destroy The System, along with a full album stream that launched just ahead of the album, giving readers and advance taste of what was in store.

At Bands Do BK, Pharmakos presents an exclusive, brand new track that exists outside the world of the new album – recorded in the Spring of 2020 – along with a thoughtful review by Sam Sumpter and some insight into the thoughts behind creating the track by Cole. 

Destroy The System is available exclusively on Bandcamp until 2/19/21