A Note On The Occasion of Aurora Aura (the tape)

This is a special one – it’s funny because it feels like it’s already been out, since our tape announcement and pre-order went so well and a lot of people actually got their turquoise tapes before today, but hey, this is it – the day – the release of a full length album by Aurora Aura everywhere into the world (ok, the internet, mostly)!

Of all the bands on the label, Aurora Aura is the one with the richest connection in many ways. Alice Fawn is a friend from high school, and somebody who was key in my life at that super-important time for music discovery and excitement. We traded mix tapes, went to concerts, even had a couple attempts at playing music together (I actually talked about this in a podcast a while back). Over the years I’ve kept tabs on what Alice has been up to with music, and when I started thinking about tapes to do, 2020’s Ascension EP by one of her projects (with Dustin Sebes on guitar) floated to front of my brain. I think I was looking for some more mellow, calming music at the time – and I just asked if Alice wanted to put out a tape of that really nice EP I remembered listening to. Lucky for this little label, Aurora Aura happened to have an entire second EP of similarly gorgeous, peaceful guitar and voice music ready to go, so things moved pretty quickly with putting this together. 

I’ll let this music speak for itself – in many ways it’s more about feeling and atmosphere than stories, but the entire tape is a serene experience. I highly recommend taking it all in on headphones if possible. 

Aurora Aura is out TODAY (Bandcamp Friday, March 5, 2021) and is available on limited edition (20), turquoise tapes and digital/ streaming .