Stream Jane Migraine’s “7 Hours” everywhere

Jane Migraine is an artist from Richmond, Virginia who we’re super excited to be working with. There’s new music on the way, but in the meantime, we’ll be getting some of her bedroom recordings and covers on streaming services so more people can be introduced to what she calls “yearn rock.”  “7 Hours” is the…

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The New Restaurants release “Dug Up Proust” from WPAWT

Today, The New Restaurants released “Dug Up Prout” – a brand new track and the second single off their upcoming full length, Wrong Place At Wrong Time.  GroundSounds premiered the track, calling it “a brilliant blend of garage-rock and satire” and note that “the bassline buoys the track like a life preserver for us all…

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The New Restaurants announce Wrong Place At Wrong Time, release “Fuck Dallas BBQ” single

The latest addition to the Totally Real Records family is New York post-punk band The New Restaurants. We’ll be releasing their full length, Wrong Place At Wrong Time, on 9/4/20, and today their new single from the record, “Fuck Dallas BBQ” is out – stream it on Spotify or buy it on Bandcamp. The track…

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Summer 2020 releases: SUPERORDER VHS, Mount Sharp remixes + covers, Marie Stella streaming

We’ve been busy. In the Summer of 2020 we released the SUPERORDER VHS/USB versions of their incredibly synth odyssey, Excellent Systems, the remix+cover reimagining of Mount Sharp’s LP from February 2020 as THOSE SHADOWS, and to pull it all together we got short-lived (’08-’11) Portland, ME indie rock powerhouse Marie Stella’s (members of Mount Sharp,…

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THOSE SHADOWS: remixes + covers of Mount Sharp’s THAT SHADOW

TRR005 is totally real! Mount Sharp’s debut LP, THAT SHADOW, was released on 2/21/20 by Dadstache Records. While the record was still being mixed back in 2019, the band asked a few friends if they would consider doing remixes of tracks from it. Once some of those started coming in, the pushed their luck and…

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“Big As The Dark” single by Weekend Lovers

TRR004 is totally real, today! Tucson, AZ dream pop band Weekend Lovers share the latest single off their upcoming album. We’ll have more from them soon! Listen at Bandcamp, Spotify, or Soundcloud.