Battle Ave Saw The Egg

New year, new music. That’s how this works, right? Sure, there’s a lot that feels like more of the same, especially over these last couple of years – days and nights and weekends and weekdays all just roll into each other, in a blurry haze of some kind of existence, and that existence – good…

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The Unsacred Hearts Shine Out

I’ve known the NYC rock band The Unsacred Hearts since around the time of their inception, back when core member Travis Harrison (now Guided By Voices’ producer/engineer) was operating a tiny recording studio out of a shack in a parking lot in Queens along with bassist Andy Ross (now of OK Go). At some point,…

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The JANE MIGRAINE tape is finally here. A brief note.

This feels like our most anticipated release yet. Maybe it’s just me, but truly, Jane Migraine (and soon after, We Are Joiners) are the first two artists outside our pre-existing music circle who we contacted to talk about working with, and it’s so exciting to see it finally come together. Officially out NOW, we’ve collected…

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“Mammal Science Fiction” Music Video from Nihiloceros

With Nihiloceros’ upcoming EP, Self Destroy, fast approaching (9/17!), the band continues to work up a fervor through new singles and electric live shows. On Friday, we released the second single from the album – “Mammal Science Fiction” and today, New Noise Magazine premiered the lyric/music video for the track! The video – crafted by Mike Borchardt, Manny Nomikos, and Jen Meller – is a sci-fi take on the very real frightening state of the world that the song – and album – explores.

Announcing Votives the album (and “Votives” the single) by Old Man Of The Woods

Old Man Of The Woods - Rob Risque photo

Old Man Of The Woods’ Dissolve EP was one of our first tape releases, and less than a year later, we are so excited to announce her debut full length record, Votives. Releasing October 15, 2021 on limited edition vinyl, gold glitter tape, and digital, this collection of songs delivers a more full and expansive…

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A Lot Can Happen In A Month (and a half)

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I didn’t keep up with my habit of writing a lengthy note here with the past few releases – that’s not for lack of interest or caring about them, obviously – but rather just because there was simply too much to make time for that (and when it came down to…

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A Note Upon The Debut of Nine Zillion

I tried to look back and see when it was that Max (Heinz – drummer for Superorder, Sunset Hearts, Marie Stella, every band ever in Maine for at least one show) sent me Zane’s record at some point in 2020, but our text thread is too cluttered with talk of drums, weird gifs, and videos…

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A Note Ahead Of TRR Mix Vol.1

Like most things here – in fact, like this whole thing here – this started on a whim. Around 3 weeks ago I said something on the internet about mix tapes, and put out a semi-open call for tracks for a compilation. I had no idea what would come back for TRR Mix Vol. 1.…

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A Note On The Occasion of Aurora Aura (the tape)

This is a special one – it’s funny because it feels like it’s already been out, since our tape announcement and pre-order went so well and a lot of people actually got their turquoise tapes before today, but hey, this is it – the day – the release of a full length album by Aurora…

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A Note Ahead Of Glass House

I wrote this while making the master tape for this release – it’s perhaps a bit rushed, but I like these that way. Off-the-cuff reactions to full albums, which I’ve been spending months with, but am excited for the rest of the world to finally hear!  Sashathem came to me via a cold email submission…

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