Brooklyn, NY

Floated is the Brooklyn-based project of producer & songwriter David Maine. A classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, Maine was previously the bass player for the band Frankie Cosmos who he toured and recorded with for four years, often alongside his brother Aaron Maine (of Porches).

In 2018, Maine began refining his voice as a solo musician in his bedroom studio. Floated is his outlet to cultivate an imaginative and focused sonic world, capturing snapshots of his life in music and coloring them with inspirations, spanning from vaporwave to grimy upbeat electronic-RnB.

His single “Daylight” was featured on Apple Music’s INDIY playlist, and his subsequent release “Wild”, and accompanying music video, was featured in The Hype Magazine, EDM Joy, and several other publications.

SIZZLE is the first of two EP’s Floated has scheduled to release this year. SIZZLE is a dreamy, genre-bending soundscape showcasing Maine’s introspective vocals, layered on top of his ever-evolving bed of synth and electronic drums.

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   TRR034 SIZZLE EP [7.29.22]